CNC Rotary Die Cutting Machine

The specialty of RDC system is that it provides rotary die cutting which can highly increase cutting speed. Especially combine with our self-developed control software, it not only makes accurate precision but also raise the product capacity efficiently.
⚬ Max. 56m/min cutting speed.
⚬ Materials and cut parts are facilitated in roll form.
⚬ Each cutting/laminating and unwind/rewind stations driven by servomotor ensures synchronized positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm.
⚬ Close loop tension with load cells for all unwind/rewind stands and controlled by independent servomotors provides constant accurate tension of ±0.1N.
⚬ Accurate registration by CCD camera makes it ideal for the implementation of intricate designs over long production runs, closely nested to reduce waste.
⚬ Active edge tracking device maintains the even feeding of material.
⚬ The machine is available in 7 and 10 cutting/laminating stations.
⚬ Widths available as standard on the machine: 250mm or 10" and 330mm or 13".
⚬ Sysco uses CO2 type laser machine with 150 or 200 watts that can be incorporated in the middle of the cutting stations on the machine.
⚬ Co2 Laser cutting stations can be integrated on the rotary die cutting machine and can kiss cut & through cut in the same run.
⚬ Easy movable & adjustable operator screen for more comfort. All cutting/laminating and unwind/rewind stations communicate between each other and adjust automatically through Sysco special programming software.