We are a smart technology company focusing on providing high technological products and services to our customers

IoT Security Chip

Designing and developing Secured High Performance Micro-Controller IoT Enable Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Chip is in our Technology Roadmap.

Safety & Security

We provide innovative products fulfilling safe and secured requirements to government agencies.

Health Care

We supply Antigen Rapid Test Kit and other medical products

Unique Requirements

We design smartcard security chips for unique requirements through innovative technology.

Power Utility & PCB Repairs

We support power utility industries in various aspects and we provide PCB repair services as well.


We provide advanced customized machinery and solutions to increase throughput and quality expectation.

Human Capital Development

Customers refer to our years of experience in technical expertise through our courses and training programs

Awards and Recognitions

High achievements and recognised by industry players.


Driven by highly experienced engineering talents, we successfully developed our own smart card chips for Malaysian National Identification Card (MyKAD) and global payphone chips. Our other extensive offering includes government supplies, machineries and human capital development

Why choose Us?

Our Vision

We believe in growing as a sustainable global company which excels in its deliverables.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.

Bring new innovative products and services to meet customers’ technological expectation

Why choose Us?

What we Do.

We manufacture IC modules and bring forth other Global innovations with our trusted supply chain partners.